Sunday, March 18, 2012

Verify PayPal With An Easiest Way

Today I'm sharing a trick to get your debit cards work with PayPal. Present situation:- Not even a single debit card being issued in india can be linked to your PayPal account.You will need a credit card. I myself was trying ways for a trick to get my card verified and yesterday I stumbled upon a trick which I think is the easiest and most reliable. What all you need:- 1.A PayPal account. 2.A debit card verified by Visa 3.An entropay account. How to do:- After creating a PayPal account,make a free account in This site is trusted and legit. Then you add your debit card number and security code. Follow the subsequent steps and you will be ready with a virtual credit card. You can load amounts ranging form 20USD to 20,000 USD. I loaded my virtual card with 20 USD because I wanted to play it safe. Then go to PayPal and click 'verify' button.In the required field add your virtual credit card number and CV and then submit. In the next step PayPal will deduct around 2$ from your virtual credit card. This is for authentication purposes and is refundable in 2-3 working days. In the next 2-3 days, check your entropay credit card statement and you can see a code being generated under the name of PayPal. Just copy that code and paste it in the required field in PayPal. Viola, you will be verified and now you are free to use your virtual credit card through PayPal. It's the best workaround to get around the PayPal restrictions in India as far as I know. Actually I still worry if my entropay account gets hacked but made up my mind to risk a 1000 rupees and it works beautifully. I can use this card anywhere over the Internet and it functions as a usual credit card. You have provision to destroy the card/make new credit cards.Its all upto you. I found this useful and just sharing my experience here. Hope you all will be benefited. Thank u.